LEXAN™ Glass



LEXAN™ is SABIC’s proprietary line of polycarbonate glass films and sheets. LEXAN™ Glass is made from a unique combination of transparent resins able to withstand high temperatures and extreme weather, making it one of the best glass substitutes available today.

As clear as glass (transparency up to 90%) and up to 250 times stronger, it is also lightweight and thermoformable. Thanks to its optical purity, versatility, and impact resistance, polycarbonate is an essential material for various modern applications and industries.

All products in the Sheet & Film portfolio, including sustainable options, are possible because of SABIC’s investment in innovations, research, and development over the past 50 years. LEXAN™ Glass also receives ongoing developmental and technical support from SABIC’s partners worldwide to ensure its continued success.

·        lightweight & flexible

·        transparent

·        virtually unbreakable

Polycarbonate Glass Sheets and Films 

From graphics and consumer electronics to automotive applications, SABIC's polycarbonate glass sheets and films are made with SABIC’s blend of top-quality, high-performance resins.

LEXAN™ Sheet & Film products are multi-functional and fully customizable, reducing system costs and aiding the creation of innovative designs with greater functionality and sustainability. And all products in the LEXAN™ portfolio are RoHS, REACH and UL certified.


LEXAN™ glass products


LEXAN™ Glass Sheets are lightweight, durable, and fully customizable glass substitutes for residential and industrial projects in the areas of aerospace, transportation, electrical and electronics, building and construction, material handling, telecommunications, and machinery.

Available in solid, corrugated and THERMOCLEAR™ glass sheet.


High-performance LEXAN™ Film is an excellent drop-in solution for more eco-friendly automotive products, lighting applications, anti-fog lens products, ID cards, and more.

Building Systems

For commercial and residential roofing, glazing, and facades, LEXAN™ Building Systems are lightweight, durable, UV- and weather resistant solutions. Along with excellent thermal insulation properties, these systems are designed for fast and easy on-site installation and maintenance, offering increased design freedom compared to heavy, brittle glass applications.

LEXAN™ Glass Building Systems are perfect for buildings, greenhouses, sports stadiums, and private homes. Available in a variety of colors, textures, and effects to meet custom requirements.

·        energy savings

·        insulative performance

·        natural light diffusion

·        pleasing aesthetics

Certified Renewable Feedstock

The first to provide its customers with extruded ISCC-certified polycarbonate, SABIC’s products come from second-generation, certified renewable feedstock. The polycarbonate resin blend carries a lower carbon footprint in comparison to fossil-based alternatives.

A broad range of LEXAN™ Glass films and sheets are available as certified renewables.

SABIC Glass Applications

·        Building and Construction

·        Safety and Security

·        Transportation

·        Electrical and Electronics

·        Signage and Display