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LEXAN™ Glazing Solutions

Safe and secure glazing with Virtually Unbreakable LEXAN™ polycarbonate sheet

 by John Ryall - Specialty Glazing Leader at SABIC Functional Forms - 01-03-2024

If you are looking to secure the safety of people while operating a vehicle or utilizing a public facility, our lightweight and virtually unbreakable LEXAN™ Sheets deliver the ideal glazing solution.

Meeting safety standards and requirements from various industries, LEXAN sheets offer the virtually unbreakable choice. Compared to glass, LEXAN sheets lead the pack as an innovative alternative — 250 times stronger yet 50% lighter at the same thicknesses.


Featuring exceptional clarity and performance, LEXAN™ sheets provide excellent optical quality. Their shatter-resistant property provides crucial protection, mitigating the risk of injuries.

LEXAN sheets are unrivaled in strength, making them an excellent choice for bullet-resistant laminates, anti-burglary, and anti-vandal glazing applications. By offering high impact resistance property, they help safeguard premises and property while eliminating the need for costly re-glazing. Moreover, these sheets demand minimal maintenance while upholding their appearance over time.

Whether it is for transit shelters, construction equipment safety, or lamination, LEXAN sheets offer a durable solution that yields both robustness and safety in various applications. 

LEXAN™ Polycarbonate Sheet Impact Test with Sledgehammer

Benefits, Applications, and Product Recommendations


Potential Benefits of LEXAN™ Glazing:*

  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Flame resistant and heat stable
  • Resistant to common chemicals
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Excellent weatherability
  • Crystal-clear transparency
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Easy to clean and anti-graffiti
  • Spall protection
  • Formable, easy fabrication

Potential Glazing Applications with LEXAN™ sheet:

  • Modern bus windows glazing
  • Operator’s protection barriers
  • Noise barriers with transparent sheet
  • Vertical glazing
  • Lamination
  • Construction equipment safe glazing
  • Off-road or racing vehicle glazing
  • Transit shelters and stations glazing
  • Personal protective barriers in prisons and hospitals
  • Bank tellers and museum display cases
bus side windows

Modern bus windows’ glazing with hard-coated LEXAN™ sheet

LEXAN™ Polycarbonate sheets are more durable and shatter-resistant than glass enhancing passenger safety and reducing downtime from vandalism. Additionally, LEXAN sheet is lighter than glass, improving fuel efficiency and reducing overall vehicle weight. LEXAN sheet protects against abrasion, impacts and UV radiation while maintaining visibility.  

Product recommendation: Hard-coated polycarbonate sheet – LEXAN MARGARD™ sheet


Operator’s protection barriers in public transportation

LEXAN™ hard-coated sheets are not just perfect for windows glazing. They are also an ideal choice for transit operator barriers, acting as a virtually unbreakable and transparent shield that separates and protects drivers with the distinct advantage of maintaining LEXAN’s lightweight nature.

Product recommendation: LEXAN MARGARD sheet MR10 


LEXAN 9030 Sheet - Bus Driver Partition 2
Transparent Noise Barriers

Noise barriers with Transparent LEXAN™ sheet

Transparent and lightweight, LEXAN™ sheet can reduce noise levels by 30 dB on average, which can make a considerable difference between a pleasant and unpleasant environment. Our products provides high impact resistance over a wide temperature range, helping to minimize the risk of damage by accidents or vandalism. LEXAN polycarbonate sheet’s composition also does not contribute to the spread of fire and the generation of toxic gases. These sheets are lightweight and thermoformable, facilitating transportation and installation. 

Vertical glazing with secure LEXAN™ sheets

In today's world, property protection is a growing concern. To prevent from burglars and safeguard against vandalism, it's essential to secure possessions with advanced tools and durable materials. LEXAN™ MARGARD™ sheet - a hard-coated polycarbonate sheet - offers unparalleled strength and resistance to shattering or splintering, making it ideal for applications like building glazing. With high impact resistance, durability, and anti-graffiti properties, this sheet minimizes the risk of break-ins and vandalism, while also reducing the need for costly re-glazing.

Learn more about this innovative product here: LEXAN MARGARD Sheet

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Military Vehicle

Lamination with LEXAN™ sheet

LEXAN™ and MARGARD™ sheets are often a top choice for lamination applications. Their lightweight composition, exceptional impact resistance, and high optical quality make them top-tier selections. LEXAN sheet combines crystal-clear transparency with value-added performance, highlighting remarkable resistance to ripple, distortion, and optical defects.

Military Vehicle with Bullet Proof Glazing Solution

Laminates made from MARGARD™ sheet can absorb ballistic impact without compromising structural integrity. Remarkably, they do not shatter or splinter, and offer easy maintenance while enhancing long-term appearance. Even graffiti poses no challenge, becoming easily removable without causing any damage.

Product Recommendation: LEXAN MARGARD sheet, LEXAN Optical quality sheet HLG10 and ULG1003A

Construction equipment safe glazing with LEXAN™ sheet

To enhance the safety of operators using construction equipment, LEXAN™ sheets emerge as an optimal glazing solution, offering superior optical clarity and exceptional impact resistance. The robust nature of LEXAN eliminates the necessity for safety guards that might obstruct operators' visibility. This advanced glazing material not only shields operators from potential risks and injuries but also surpasses traditional glass’s fragility. Sectors like forestry, mining, and construction consistently turn to polycarbonate for safety glazing, upholding safety standards. 

Heavy equipment2
off road or race car

Off-road vehicle glazing with polycarbonate

Whether you are looking for a simple or complex-shaped material for your racing or off-road vehicles, our LEXAN™ sheets are here to offer robust and high optical solutions. With these transparent polycarbonate sheets, you can reduce the need for additional guards that could obstruct your vision. Additionally, LEXAN sheets are almost 50% lighter than glass while providing 250 times more impact resistance, potentially offering a competitive advantage in your competition.

off road or race car 2

Engineered to withstand extreme conditions, our LEXAN MARGARD™ and High Optical sheets provide first-class durability for off-road adventures. From rocky terrains to muddy tracks, they maintain the clarity and integrity needed for a safe ride. With a focus on performance and safety, our glazing solutions redefine industry standards.

Product recommendation: LEXAN MARGARD sheet and LEXAN High Optical Sheet

Transit shelters and stations glazing with LEXAN™ sheet

Enhance the longevity and aesthetic appeal of transit shelters with LEXAN™ polycarbonate sheet, a superior alternative to costly maintenances or renovations! LEXAN sheets offer exceptional resistance to yellowing, ensuring long-lasting transparency and color stability even after thermoforming into right angles. Offering robust impact and fire resistance, these sheets provide a steadfast defense against repetitive vandalism. Available in a variety of colors, gauges, and complemented by anti-graffiti coating on specific grades like MR10, LEXAN sheets are the symbol of durability.

City of Winnpeg Transit Shelter E

Additionally, their UV resistance and weatherability make them ideal for delivering comfort and shade on hot summer days or inclement weather, enhancing the overall experience for citizens.

Product Recommendation: LEXAN MARGARD™ sheet MR10 (with anti-graffiti) and LEXAN XL102UV 

Project Highlight

Bus station renovation

museum 2

Bank Tellers and Museum Display cases with LEXAN™ sheet

For enhanced security measures within high-profile facilities like banks and museums, the optimal glazing solution lies in the implementation of LEXAN™ MARGARD™ sheet. This hard-coated polycarbonate sheet stands out for its unparalleled durability and robustness, providing an effective shield to safeguard employees and valuable assets from potential burglaries or heists. Beyond its protective attributes, the transparency and non-yellowing properties of LEXAN sheets make them ideal for applications such as bank tellers and museum display cases, seamlessly combining security with aesthetic considerations.  

Product Recommendation: LEXAN MARGARD sheet, LEXAN Optical quality sheet 

Personal protective barriers in prisons and hospitals

In locations with potential human risks, such as jails, prisons, or psychiatric hospitals, our LEXAN™ sheets can play a pivotal role. Utilizing them to reinforce cell doors or meeting rooms can reduce the likelihood of any threats to both occupants and personnel without reducing visibility. LEXAN polycarbonate sheet is a virtually unbreakable material offering excellent fire performance and light transmission. It maintains this impact resistance over a wide temperature range (-40°C to 120°C) or after prolonged outdoor exposure.

Product Recommendations: LEXAN MARGARD™ sheet

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LEXAN™ Glazing Solutions are lightweight yet virtually unbreakable, offering 250 times the strength and 50% less weight at the same thickness compared to glass. Compliant with industry safety standards, they excel in optical quality to provide crystal-clear transparency. Their shatter-resistant property ensures critical protection, ideal for laminate, anti-burglary, and anti-vandal glazing.

Whether used in transit shelters, construction equipment safety, or lamination, LEXAN sheets deliver durability and high impact resistance properties with minimal maintenance. Elevate security in high-profile facilities with the unbeatable combination of durability and transparency provided by LEXAN MARGARD™ sheets, ensuring seamless protection and aesthetics.

Written by:

John Ryall (john.ryall@sabic.com)

Specialty Glazing Leader at SABIC Functional Forms

01- March - 2024