LEXAN™ CLINIWALL™ SHEETS WIN GOLD AWARDS FROM PMMT AS FRIENDLY MATERIALS® LEXAN™ polycarbonate CLINIWALL™ sheet, for hygienic cladding solutions, wins gold award from PMMT as Friendly Materials®

Two LEXAN™ CLINIWALL™ sheet grades from SABIC’s Functional Forms business have won gold awards from PMMT Healthcare Architecture as Friendly Materials® products, acknowledging their position among the healthiest building materials available.


LEXAN™ CLINIWALL™ AC6206 sheet, designed for interior wall cladding, received a score of 75 out of 77, and LEXAN™ CLINIWALL™ C6206 sheet for interior wall cladding earned a score of 73 out of 77. These prestigious awards highlight SABIC's commitment to enhancing building design and promoting a healthier experience in indoor spaces, including hospitals and industrial and public facilities, through hygienic materials.

LEXAN™ CLINIWALL™ AC6206 sheet was tested at independent test houses against ISO 22196 – “Measurement of Antimicrobial Activity on Plastics / Non-Porous Surfaces” – the industry standard for measuring Antimicrobial activity on Plastics. The silverion additive activity was confirmed by this testing and showed a significant reduction in the growth of microorganisms on the sheet surface.

Friendly Materials® Inspired by PMMT is the result of a three-year research project to identify the healthiest building materials that use non-toxic materials. For instance, LEXAN CLINIWALL engineered thermoplastic panels feature non-halogenated flame retardancy and are volatile organic compound (VOC) duty free. Friendly Materials® is an analytical assessment methodology for evaluating and objectively comparing how building materials and systems affect indoor areas and the health of occupants

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