LEXAN products


What is LEXAN™? 

LEXAN™ is the brand name of SABIC's Polycarbonate (PC). LEXAN™ sheets and films are based on high-performance LEXAN™ resins. Polycarbonate is an amorphous thermoplastic transparent polymer. It has outstanding physical properties and is used extensively for engineering and optical applications. LEXAN™ is often used in the market as a synonym for polycarbonate and guarantees the best quality. LEXAN™ films and sheets are one of the most valued and widely-used glass substitute in the world. Polycarbonate is a crystal clear, virtually unbreakable material. LEXAN™ films and sheets distinguish themselves from other plastics by their optical purity in combination with very high impact resistance. LEXAN™ films and sheets are 250 times stronger than glass of the same thickness. LEXAN™ films and sheets can also, unlike most plastics, withstand high temperatures. It’s a unique material that is very lightweight, making it easy to work with. Our LEXAN™ portfolio is backed by advanced technical support and application development services worldwide to meet our customers' needs.

LEXAN™ films and sheets serve as an essential material for creating countless modern products. SABIC offers versatile polycarbonate materials under the LEXAN™ films and sheets portfolio for various industries.


Des applicarions graphiques aux produits électroniques, en passant par l’automobile, la division Functional Forms de SABIC propose des films thermoplastiques de haute qualité



  Basé sur les résines de haute performance de polycarbonate (PC) LEXAN™ et de polyéthérimide ULTEM™, la gamme de plaques solides en plastique d’ingénierie LEXAN™



  La plaque ondulée LEXAN™ de SABIC offre une excellente transmission de la lumière, une haute résistance aux chocs et une bonne résistance aux intempéries,



La gamme de plaques multicouches en polycarbonate (PC) LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ de SABIC offre une grande variété de structures, de couleurs et de finitions. Ces produits



Les systèmes de construction LEXAN™ offrent des solutions de vitrage créatives pour les toitures et façades commerciales et résidentielles. Alliant légèreté, résistance aux chocs, aux


PLASTECH™ (PC) Sheet - China Regional Brand

PLASTECH™ Multiwall & Solid PC Sheet delivers high-quality daylighting and low maintenance cost advantages, making them suitable for Building & Construction and other Engineering applications.