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LEXAN™ Digital Print Film

One side prime coated LEXAN™ polycarbonate Digital Print film series are designed to increase digital UV ink adhesion under lamination adhesive exposure. Due to the rapid development of ink adhesion, post drying of the printed artwork prior to adhesive lamination can be eliminated, thus reducing production cycle time. The LEXAN™ Digital Printing films are robust for permanent and temporary pressure-sensitive adhesives on the printed surface and provides excellent resolution due to consistent toner transfer.

LEXAN™ Digital Print Films provide very good resolution due to consistent toner transfer, even which high solids digital UV inks. Combined with the light diffusing white films, these films offer full range of solutions for digital print durable, tear resistant, backlit and over laminate applications. Available in polish and textured grades.

These product properties make LEXAN™ DP films suitable for applications such as interior and exterior menu boards, displays, decorative wraps, appliance labels and many more.

Potential Applications for LEXAN™ polycarbonate Digital Print films:

  • Interior/ exterior menu boards
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Decorative wraps (Beverage dispensers)
  • Appliance labels
  • Promotional displays
  • Strips / Digits / Price Tiles

LEXAN™ polycarbonate Digital Print film's benefits & advantages:

  • Excellent ink registration & resolution
  • Robust adhesion (easy removal and repositioning possibility)
  • Dimensional stability (excellent temperature resistance)
  • Improved cycle time & productivity
  • Range of textures and consistent surface finish, which means no light leaks in printed area

LEXAN™ Digital Print Film Demonstration Video

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