Glazing solutions

Glazing Solutions

SABIC offers glazing solutions for various industries, including building and construction, safety and security, and the transportation industry.  

SABIC offers LEXAN™  sheet materials for safety and security glazing. It’s an excellent choice for safety and security glazing in a wide range of applications for glazing solutions. They can help protect premises and property, eliminate re-glazing costs, and allow frequent cleaning.


Safety and security glazing solutions LEXAN™ MARGARD™

Virtually unbreakable LEXAN™ MARGARD™ sheet materials are an excellent choice in areas with a risk of vandalism. These materials can help prevent burglars from breaking in, delaying where they give up or are detected. Either way, these materials protect premises and property and eliminate re-glazing costs. They also allow frequent cleaning or damage-free removal of graffiti. MARGARD sheets don’t shatter or splinter, significantly reducing the risk of accidental injury in internal partitions and doors applications. MARGARD sheets are ideal for safety screening in sports stadiums and other outdoor applications, like acoustic screens for insulation from traffic noise in built-up areas.


SABIC's performance, polycarbonate glazing technology, and LEXAN sheet material for glazing solutions can help transportation glazing designs As the demand for safety, comfort, and fuel efficiency is constantly increasing, vehicle manufacturers need to rise to this challenge while also complying with new regulations and the ability to create distinctive styles. SABIC's high performance, advanced polycarbonate glazing solutions and LEXAN sheet & resin material solutions can help them achieve this in-vehicle rear and front quarter windows, roofs, side windows, and backlit as railway and bus glazing.

SABIC’s unique plasma coating systems provide materials with enhanced weathering, scratch, and abrasion performance for transportation glazing solutions. Thanks to the unique coating technology of LEXAN sheets, designs can go beyond glass's shape and complexity limitations to offer sleek, curved shapes, crystal clarity, and exceptionally low-optical distortion for optimal visibility and high impact resistance for safety.

LEXAN™ building systems

LEXAN™ Building Systems provide creative glazing solutions for commercial and residential roofing and facades. Characterised by lightweight, high impact resistance, UV resistance, weather resistance, and excellent thermal insulation properties, each product is designed to provide easy and fast on-site installation and maintenance. Because of its heavyweight and brittle nature, glass has limited design versatility. In contrast, LEXAN sheet products help increase design freedom.

LEXAN building systems for glazing solutions are available in various colours, textures, and special effects to meet your aesthetic requirements. These products enhance building aesthetics while offering energy savings through their high insulative performance and excellent natural light diffusion, making them perfect for attractive, highly functional buildings and glazing solutions.

Versatile, lightweight LEXAN systems from SABIC perform well in various climates and weather conditions. From commercial greenhouses to industrial buildings, sports stadiums, private homes, and office buildings, LEXAN building systems offer innovative glazing solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial applications.