Flushmount bus glazing

Transportation Glazing

As the demand for safety, comfort and fuel efficiency is constantly increasing, vehicle manufacturers need to rise to this challenge while also complying with new regulations and the ability to create distinctive styles. SABIC's high performance, advanced polycarbonate (PC) glazing technology and LEXAN sheet & resin material solutions can help them achieve this in vehicle rear and front quarter windows, roofs, side windows and backlites as well as railway and bus glazing. SABIC’s special plasma coating systems provide materials with enhanced weathering, scratch and abrasion performance for transportation glazing applications. By reducing 30 to 50 percent in weight, enabling improved aerodynamic designs, reducing the load on HVAC and maximizing thermal insulation, combined with polycarbonate’s five-fold lower thermal conductivity relative to glass, greater energy efficiency can be achieved with emissions cut by as much as 3 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. Thanks to the special coating technology of LEXAN sheets, designs can go beyond the shape and complexity limitations of glass to offer sleek, curved shapes, crystal clarity and exceptionally low-optical distortion for optimal visibility and high-impact resistance for safety.


Products for Transportation Glazing