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The utilization of plastic sheets in construction strengthens the surging global demand for sustainable building designs, symbolized by heightened energy conservation, enhanced working and living environments, and a commitment to recycling initiatives. LEXAN™ sheet solutions play a crucial role in enabling architects, builders, and contractors to pioneer distinctive polycarbonate architecture, positioning themselves in the rapidly expanding ‘green' building market while concurrently aligning with current and forthcoming regulatory requirements.

Our extensive range of LEXAN sheet products and systems stands out for its exceptional thermal insulation performance, lightweight composition, recyclability, ease of transportation and installation, and energy conservation attributes. The integration of LEXAN sheets into architectural designs becomes an incentive for incorporating sustainability into any building project. Moreover, these unique properties contribute significantly to achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification – a widely recognized rating system acknowledging sustainable performance in construction projects.


Developing polycarbonate sheet constructions with our LEXAN product portfolio opens up boundless opportunities for integrating color, structure, coating, and finish. In the DIY and home construction market, plastic sheets have already established themselves as common building materials. Using LEXAN polycarbonate sheets, our customers experience a competitive advantage through effortless installation, enhanced safety, prolonged durability, and heightened comfort. The lightweight nature of our products not only allows for exceptional design freedom but also facilitates the formation and bending of sheets into complex shapes.

Wall cladding and plastic roofing for greenhouses are other major markets where plastic sheet for construction is increasingly applied. LEXAN sheet systems present enticing opportunities for innovative wall cladding designs that strike a harmonious balance between visual impact and practicality. In commercial greenhouse settings, our LEXAN sheets offer rigid yet lightweight construction glazing that withstands UV degradation, ensures optimal light transmission, and prevents condensation buildup – all contributing to the ideal conditions for crop development.

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  • High level of energy conservation: superior winter and summer energy efficiency while transmitting diffused daylight.
  • High optical quality: crystal-clear transparency combined with long-term high light transmission.
  • Efficient installation: easy to cut on-site and the ability to form and bend into complex shapes.
  • Sustainable solution: excellent thermal insulation performance and use of recyclable materials.
  • Product excellence: outstanding balance of lightweight and high stiffness and exceptional flame and UV resistance.

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