Machine Guards

Machine Guards

SABIC LEXAN™ machine guards

No other end-user demands more from products than the safety and security segment. The safety and security segment must use advanced sheet materials that are virtually unbreakable. High optical quality, nearly indestructible LEXAN™ sheet products are excellent candidates for bulletproof laminates, anti-burglary glazing, and high-security glazing. This also makes it a perfect candidate for machine guards.

Machine guards are protective products that cover moving pieces of machinery. Moving machine parts can be risky to work with. Because of this, industrial machines are required to have machine guards that protect operators from the risk of injury.


Coated MARGARD™ Sheet for polycarbonate machine guards

SABIC offers coated MARGARD™ sheet products for machine guards. The surface of the LEXAN MARGARD provides high impact resistance and minimises the risk of breakage, even when subjected to violent blows by heavy objects. The sheets are also highly resistant to chemicals such as oils, cleaning fluids, paints, and adhesives.

The unique, hard surface coating of the  LEXAN MARGARD sheet also provides a high level of protection against unsightly scratching, making it ideal for use in applications where frequent contact is likely. The LEXAN MARGARD sheet will also not shatter or splinter, which reduces the risk of accidental injury in applications like internal partitions and doors. It maintains this impact resistance over a wide temperature range (-40°C to 120°C) or after prolonged outdoor exposure. Coated MARGARD Sheet offers excellent optical clarity with unique properties, making it perfect for machine guards. 

Key benefits of Coated MARGARD™ Sheet:

  • Virtually unbreakable
  • High impact strength
  • Excellent abrasion and UV resistance
  • Flame resistant and heat-stable
  • Resistant to common chemicals
  • Lightweight
  • Great weather ability
  • Crystal-clear transparency
  • Excellent light transmission

More products for the safety and security industry: 

  • Lamination
    Laminates made from LEXAN MARGARD sheets can absorb ballistic impact without penetration. They also won’t shatter or splinter and offer easy maintenance while enhancing long-term appearance.
  • Security & ID Cards
    SABIC offers a high-performance polycarbonate LEXAN SD film portfolio specially designed for electronic ID cards, government, military, and police ID cards, passport data pages, green cards, border crossing cards, and driver’s licenses.
  • Face & Eye Protection
    Rigid, anti-scratch, and UV-resistant LEXAN MARGARD sheets provide high impact resistance, optical clarity, UV protection, and abrasion resistance in the visor industry. It maintains its energy absorption characteristics at winter temperatures as low as –20°C.
  • Helmets & Riot Shields
    Excellent optical clarity combined with high impact resistance makes LEXAN MARGARD sheets a superb choice for helmets and riot shields used by the police and military. LEXAN sheet lets users see thrown objects to position the shield to protect themselves quickly.
  • Safety Glazing
    SABIC offers versatile LEXAN sheets for safety glazing. The materials help prevent burglars from breaking in, for example. It delays them to a point where they give up or are detected. They can help protect premises and property and eliminate re-glazing costs.
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