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Impact resistant plastics

Impact-resistant Plastics

SABIC offers high optical quality, virtually unbreakable LEXAN™ sheet products. Our high optical quality LEXAN sheets provide high impact strength, lightweight, spall protection, coating ability for safety, and security glazing. LEXAN sheets meet the strictest standards for specks, bubbles, lints and fibers, distortion, and ripple. That’s why SABIC has been a critical supplier to various industries for many years.

LEXAN™ plastics are excellent candidates for bulletproof laminates, anti-burglary, and anti-vandal glazing. The impact- and bullet-resistant plastics can help protect premises and property and eliminate re-glazing costs. SABIC High Optical Quality LEXAN Sheets provide high impact strength, lightweight, spall protection, and coating ability. LEXAN offers the best optical quality materials for high-speed glazing trains, high-security facilities, bullet-resistant glass, military, and police vehicles.

LEXAN sheet products have extremely high impact resistance, minimising the risk of breakage - even when subjected to violent blows by heavy objects. These plastics maintain impact resistance over a wide temperature range (-40°C to +120°C) or after prolonged outdoor exposure.


Impact-resistant plastics for different industries:

LEXAN chemical resistant plastics

SABIC’s lightweight coated LEXAN™ MARGARD™ sheet is one of our safe polycarbonate glazing solutions. The coated sheet not only has the usual properties of LEXAN material, but it also has a hard surface coating on one or both sides. The surface of the coated MARGARD sheet offers extremely high impact resistance, minimising the risk of breakage, even when subjected to violent blows by heavy objects. The unique, hard surface coating of these impact-resistant plastics also provides a high level of protection against unsightly scratching. The impact-resistant plastics will also not shatter or splinter, which reduces the risk of injury.

The MARGARD sheet is highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals and has excellent weathering properties. The chemical-resistant plastics are flame-resistant and heat-stable. The chemical-resistant plastic also has enhanced resistance to oil, paint, and other fluids, making it a perfect material to use around different chemicals.

High-performance coated LEXAN™ films offer unique solutions for scratch resistance, weatherability, and anti-glare and anti-fog applications. These impact-resistant plastics have high resistance to harsh cleaners, chemicals, and UV and provide excellent clarity of graphics and light diffusion and ease of printing and die-cutting.

LEXAN scratch-resistant plastics

SABIC’s LEXAN films for touchscreens are scratch-resistant, optical clarity, and highly impact resistant. SABIC’s new LEXAN touchscreen films are both or one side hard-coated polycarbonate sheeted films offering excellent abrasion, scratch resistance, optical clarity, and excellent impact resistance. The scratch-resistant plastics show law warpage and weathering. SABIC’s impact-resistant plastics are ideal candidates for flat touchscreens of smartphones and tablets, lenses for portable electronics, overlays and keypads.

LEXAN flame retarding plastics

The LEXAN flame retardant plastics have high heat and flame resistance, high impact strength, and are lightweight and formable. Impact-resistant plastics have high resistance to many chemicals such as cleaning fluids, paints, and adhesives. These flame retarding plastics meet the flammability requirements of the European building and construction market. The sheets can be used for interior applications in various vehicles, ranging from train seating to aircraft wall panels and speciality vehicle cladding.

LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ sheets provide an outstanding balance of lightweight, high stiffness, ease of installation, excellent thermal insulation, flame resistance, and long-term light transmission. LEXAN THERMOCLEAR sheet also offers a variety of speciality coatings, such as Dripgard, which features a hydrophilic coating on the inner surface to prevent condensation build-up. Virtually unbreakable, low-maintenance, and economical, LEXAN THERMOCLEAR sheets offer an attractive solution for industrial, commercial, and residential glazing applications.

SABIC also offers non-brominated, non-chlorinated, flame retardant films at various gauges, excellent puncture and high impact resistance. These environmentally responsible, flame retardant plastics enable electrical and electronic OEMs to go beyond current environmental directives. This by voluntarily eliminating halogenated additives in their products while meeting the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous substances (RoHS) and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE 2006) directives.