die-cut insulators

Die-cut Insulators, Shielding & Printed Circuits

SABIC works closely with customers to create innovative materials, such as die-cut insulators, that comply with existing and upcoming electronics industry standards. This helps electronics manufacturers reduce halogenated additives in their applications to benefit the environment.

LEXAN™ film portfolio also supports the trend toward smaller, thinner devices by delivering cutting-edge materials and leveraging surface texturing, extrusion and coating technologies to produce high-performance thermoplastic film and sheets. The company’s bromine and chlorine-free FR film portfolio is a top-choice environmental solution for various electrical insulation parts.


SABIC’s Die-cut Insulators

SABIC offers LEXAN film products for die-cut insulators, shielding & printed circuits. Electrical films from SABIC provide a low-cost, lightweight solution to both primary and secondary die-cut insulators whilst providing UL recognition. They are used in various electrical applications. Typical properties include good temperature resistance, chemical resistance, processability, ease of fabrication and compatibility with many fastening and laminating adhesives.

Products for die-cut insulators, shielding & printed circuits

LEXAN™ film - electrical films

LEXAN electrical films offer consistent properties for die-cut insulators and printability. It provides thermal insulation properties and mechanical strength. LEXAN electrical films can be easily thermoformed into complex, three-dimensional parts or cold-formed. A combination of low moisture absorption, high-temperature resistance, and resistance to a broad range of organic solvents and chemical detergents makes these films a popular choice for die-cut insulators.

Transparent or opaque LEXAN electrical films are flame retardant polycarbonate materials that offer consistent properties for insulation and printability. The range also includes environmentally responsible films that enable electrical and electronics OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to go beyond current environmental directives. Electrical films are available in various surface textures and offer reliable ease of fabrication with their formability and dimensional stability at high temperatures.

Key benefits of electrical films: 

  • Excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties
  • High mechanical strength
  • Flame resistance
  • Compliance with many environmental standards
  • Easy, cost-effective fabrication
  • Compatibility with adhesives
  • Increased chemical and hydrolytic resistance

SABIC offers products for the following other segments within the electronics industry:

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