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LEXAN™ Digital Printing Film

The LEXAN™ polycarbonate digital printing film series comes with a primer coating on one side, engineered to enhance UV digital ink adhesion under laminated adhesive exposure. This breakthrough reduces the need for post-print curing, significantly reducing production times. The LEXAN digital printing films are durable with both permanent and temporary pressure-sensitive adhesives, ensuring high-quality prints with exceptional resolution thanks to uniform ink deposits.

The LEXAN digital print films excel in providing sharp image resolution, even when used with high-solid digital UV inks. Paired with our light-diffusing white films, these materials offer comprehensive solutions for creating durable, tear-resistant, and visually stunning backlit prints and overlays. Available in both polished and textured finishes, these films are versatile for a wide range of applications.

Applications include but are not limited to interior and exterior menu boards, retail displays, decorative wraps, branding for appliances, promotional materials, membrane touch switch, and industrial printing.


This advanced film eliminates the need for additional ink or barrier layers and adheres stronger to solvated adhesives, significantly streamlining production. It's the go-to solution for handling high ink loads (150% and above) without a post-cure waiting period, ensuring exceptional ink adhesion and a smooth, flat surface for printing.

LEXAN Digital Print film boosts throughput yield and accelerates the cash conversion cycle by reducing the time to produce billable products, including production runs and prototypes. This acceleration contributes directly to an improved bottom line through increased productivity and profitability.

Especially beneficial in the industrial design process, LEXAN polycarbonate film shortens the time from ideation to prototype, offering cost advantages over traditional screen printing by enabling the use of knife cuts instead of steel rule dies for prototypes. Its versatility extends across multiple industries, including automotive, appliances, consumer electronics, and industrial membrane switches, enhancing both efficiency and profitability in your operations.


  • Excellent ink registration & resolution: Achieves high-quality prints with excellent resolution, even when using high-solid digital UV inks.
  • Robust adhesion: Offers durable adhesion with the possibility of easy repositioning and removal, accommodating both temporary and permanent pressure-sensitive adhesives.
  • Dimensional stability: Exhibits outstanding temperature resistance and stability, ensuring long-lasting durability of printed materials.
  • Improved cycle time & productivity: By eliminating the need for post-curing, Lexan films significantly reduce production times and enhance productivity.
  • Diverse textures & consistent finish: Available in polish and textured grades, these films offer a range of options for creating durable, tear-resistant, backlit, and over-laminate applications without light leaks in the printed area.
  • Efficient production: Optimized for business applications, these films ensure rapid, effortless deployment, ideal for high-efficiency production settings and shortening project timelines.


  • Interior and exterior menu boards
  • Point-of-sale displays
  • Decorative wraps for beverage dispensers
  • Overlays and interfaces for appliances
  • Marketing and promotional displays
  • Pricing and informational signage
  • Membrane touch switch
  • Industrial printing


Our commitment to sustainability extends to our LEXAN polycarbonate films, designed to elevate digital printing with superior ink adhesion and operational efficiency while reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. We offer durable, high-performance materials to numerous industries, underscoring our dedication to environmental stewardship and responsible manufacturing practices.

LEXAN™ Digital Print Film Demonstration Video

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