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For architects and designers around the world, SABIC’s Functional Forms Film & Sheet business offers technical assistance in designing buildings with polycarbonate sheet. From the conceptual design phase to actual result, we can advise you on material selection, design and specification requirements. And SABIC’s LEXAN™ sheet portfolio gives you enhanced design freedom, easy installation, high performance and regulatory compliance from a single source.

Resources for designers and architects

SABIC architectural booklet

Architectural booklet

We have created an online publication for architects and designers that shows the versatility of LEXAN sheet in a myriad of buildings: from rooflights and verandas to entire sports stadiums. Read it and be inspired!

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ARCAT SpecWizard®

ARCAT SpecWizard®  provides an architectural information on building materials, manufacturers, specifications and guides you through the selecting and configuring of a building product and assembles based on the decisions you made. You can then download the specification for your project and your office master.

Create your own specifications here

LEED certification

LEED Certification

LEXAN sheet products can help architects and designers succeed in the lucrative green building space and have potential to contribute to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification by providing natural light, optimizing energy performance, and utilizing recycled content.

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In-Mold Decoration

In-Mold Decoration 

We also offer guidelines on designing for IMD as well as information about processing and cost analysis. For more information about In-Mold Decoration Services click here.