Bus, truck & train Interior Glazing

Bus, Train & Truck Interior Glazing

SABIC combines thermoplastics expertise with in-depth knowledge of the industry standards, regulations and trends. Committed to keeping its customers in the transportation industry at the leading edge of materials and processing technologies, such as train interior glazing. Public transit authorities must meet the constant challenges of increased safety and security, sustainability and cost reduction. 

SABIC serves the global rail and bus interior industry with a broad portfolio of engineered resin, sheet, and film materials. These offer a total-solution approach to the industry’s rapidly expanding need for proven materials technologies. LEXAN™ sheet products for bus, truck & train interior glazing meet the challenges of increased safety and security, sustainability and cost reduction.


Train interior glazing

Today’s public transportation industry is increasingly focused on safety. To create differentiated designs for new rail carriages or when refurbishing old ones, manufacturers seek the latest material solutions that meet current and upcoming safety regulations and provide additional benefits ranging from durability and anti-vandalism protection to improved aesthetics and lower weight and system cost reduction.

SABIC offers a portfolio of high performance, engineering rail, train and bus interior plastics, including resins, sheets, films and composites, designed explicitly for railway interiors that can:

  • Meet industry standards and fire resistance regulations;
  • Reduce overall system costs;
  • Enhance the aesthetics;
  • Provide safety and comfort of the train cabin environment.

The broad portfolio of materials for the rail interiors sector manufactured by SABIC can help manufacturers meet evolving fire safety requirements while delivering additional advantages. The company offers a one-stop-shop comprising new plastics solutions, assistance with materials and process selection and technical support services worldwide.

Rail interior plastics – weight out & part integration

Rail interior plastics from SABIC can help manufacturers address the growing demand for sustainability, lower system costs, improved durability and comfort and design innovation. Compared to metal and glass, these rail interior plastics can significantly lower system costs by consolidating parts to streamline production, avoiding secondary operations such as painting, coating, machining and polishing, and lower shipping costs by reducing weight. This while maintaining comfort and overall usability for passengers.

Anti-vandalism train interior glazing

Train interior glazing from SABIC provides ease of cleaning, protection against graffiti and high impact performance to resist vandalism.

Want to know more about our train interior glazing and lightweight, compliant thermoplastic materials for railway interiors? You will find more information in SABIC’s railway interiors brochure.

LEXAN™ Solid Sheet - MARGARD™ Sheet

LEXAN MARGARD™ sheet can be an excellent choice to reduce railcar weight by replacing traditional glass, offering excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.  The train interior glazing complies with the German rail standard, the French rail standard and the Italian rail standard. Additionally, the MARGARD sheet can reduce weight, high impact strength, forced entry protection, graffiti resistance, excellent flame retardance, and UV- and abrasion resistance. LEXAN MARGARD sheet can be an ideal candidate for the compartment partitions.

Other products for train, truck & bus interiors

SABIC also offers other materials for interior applications that conform to leading European safety norms.

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