Face shield plastics

Face Shield Plastics for Protection

Employees in the healthcare, manufacturing and packing industries often use security goggles and face shield plastics for more extended periods and see matters. They need complete visibility from their PPE to perform their tasks safely, even under high-humidity environments. SABIC’s LEXAN™ plastics offer antifog, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and optical clarity.

This means that the face shields stay clear in high-humidity environments even when sudden temperature changes occur. In high-humidity environments, the time-to-fog makes a difference. This product can ensure optimum optical clarity over extended periods, allowing the users of face shields and other transparent safety equipment to concentrate on their jobs safely without being impaired by fog.


Face shield plastics

In the visor industry, tough, anti-scratch and UV-resistant LEXAN™ sheets provide high impact resistance, optical clarity, UV protection and abrasion resistance. Made from high-quality polycarbonate, EMI shielding plastics can withstand the impact of many kinds of objects without shattering. The plastic materials maintain their energy absorption characteristics at winter temperatures as low as –20°C. SABIC’s LEXAN face shield plastics for face & eye protection have flame retardance, are lightweight, and have excellent weatherability. This makes the shielding plastic material perfect for face shields plastics and security goggles. 

Plastic protection materials

Several sheets are perfect for the application of protected face shield plastics:

LEXAN™ MARGARD™ Coated Sheet

SABIC’s lightweight coated LEXAN™ MARGARD™ sheets are one of our safe polycarbonate glazing solutions. The sheets have a hard surface coating on one or both sides and offer optical clarity in combination with antifog behavior and UV resistance. The LEXAN MARGARD sheet is highly resistant to abrasion, and chemicals and has excellent weathering properties. The MARGARD sheet is also flame-resistant and heat-stable. This makes it an excellent candidate for face shields to suit a wide range of applications such as security glazing and safety screens.

LEXAN™ Film – Coated Films

High-performance LEXAN™ coated films for face shields offer unique solutions for scratch resistance, weatherability, and anti-glare and antifog applications. These films resist harsh cleaners, chemicals, and UV and provide excellent graphics and light diffusion clarity. The LEXAN coated films have excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility. The plastic for face shields has improved hardness compared to uncoated films. 

LEXAN™ Film – Display films

SABIC’s LEXAN display films are either hard-coated polycarbonate sheeted films, offering excellent abrasion resistance for scratching, optical clarity and excellent impact resistance. These virtually unbreakable display films from SABIC are dual hard-coated with 4H pencil hardness, are suitable for printing, and have a tremendous impact- and chemical resistance and Taber abrasion.

LEXAN™ Film – Anti-fog

LEXAN Anti-fog films are one side coated to offer long term antifog properties and optical quality, scratch resistance, impact resistance, and chemical resistance. Initially intended for medical face shields, these films can accept commercial ophthalmic dies even at ambient temperatures on the coated side. Featuring thinning in 3D-forming applications of up to 50%, these films now find their way into IMD applications.   

Besides face shield plastics, SABIC provides other plastic sheet and film products for the safety and security industry. For example, LEXAN sheets and films for lamination, security and ID cards, helmets and riot shields, machine guards and safety glazing.

face shield plastics