Transparent roof covers

Transparent Roof Covers - Rooflights & Skylights

SABIC offers versatile polycarbonate materials under the LEXAN™ sheet portfolio for the building and construction industries, such as transparent roof covers. Architects and builders seek new solutions to satisfy public demand for environmentally responsible structures. They want to meet current and upcoming regulatory requirements and achieve recognition through programs like the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building certification system. 

LEXAN products are lightweight, easy to install, and energy conscious, making them excellent for rooflights and skylights. LEXAN sheet solutions also enable customers to tap into the sustainable building market and help them save installation and energy costs. They can contribute to LEED certification by providing natural light, optimising energy performance and utilising recycled content. We have created an online publication for architects and designers that shows the versatility of LEXAN sheets in numerous buildings: from transparent roof covers to entire sports stadiums. 


Transparent roof covers

SABIC's LEXAN sheet provides natural and high-quality light for transparent roof covers. They improve the aesthetics, comfort and energy efficiency of any building. Designs for modern residential and commercial buildings increasingly call for roof covers that admit large amounts of natural light. This both improves aesthetics and reduces the energy cost needed for interior lighting. The LEXAN transparent roof covers provide natural, high-quality light and can significantly improve the aesthetics, comfort and energy efficiency of your workplace and home.

LEXAN™ products for application 


General Purpose Multiwall sheet

Under the LEXAN THERMOCLEAR™ portfolio offer a wide range of structures, colours, and finishes. This polycarbonate multiwall sheeting provides an outstanding balance of lightweight, high stiffness, ease of installation, condensation resistance, long-term light transmission and remarkable impact strength. Due to the multiwall construction, the multiwall polycarbonate sheets have outstanding thermal insulation properties and are available with 1 or 2 sides of UV protection. This makes it a perfect candidate for transparent roof covers. 


LEXAN THERMOCLEAR ultra-stiff sheets for transparent roof covers offer exceptional performance to withstand high wind and heavy snow load pressures without the risk of cracking or breaking. Due to its three wall X-structure, the material does not require intermediate support profiles, even at up to 12 meters. It offers lightweight and excellent thermal insulation and carries a 20-year limited written warranty against discolouration, loss of light transmission and loss of impact strength due to weathering.

High Insulation

LEXAN THERMOCLEAR sheet’s unique multiwall construction traps air between the layers, making it a perfect material for transparent roof covers. This ensures outstanding thermal insulation and sound insulation and impacts energy absorption. The high insulation sheets have excellent energy efficiency, are lightweight, and have excellent thermal insulation and UV protective coating on both sides.

LEXAN™ Solid Sheets

Solar control

LEXAN Solar Control IR multiwall sheet for transparent roof covers blocks near-infrared heat but lets in high light levels. Because proprietary resin additives manage the heat, solar control properties are permanent, and sheets are UV protected on both sides. This helps installers reduce losses due to installation errors.

UV Protected

Based on high-performance LEXAN™ resin, SABIC's clear UV protected plastic sheets offer excellent clarity with attractive aesthetic properties and high impact strength. They are easy to design and form, making the material a great candidate for transparent roof covers. UV resistant LEXAN sheets combine excellent impact performance and stiffness with thermoforming or cold forming ease. They offer a consistent, high-quality surface and cost-effective part differentiation through wide colour 

LEXAN™ Corrugated Sheet

LEXAN Corrugated Sheet delivers excellent light transmission, high impact resistance and weather ability. This makes it an outstanding choice for greenhouses, patios and pool coverings, transparent roof covers, or anywhere else where a lightweight solution with excellent light transmission is required. LEXAN corrugated sheets offer the optical characteristics of glass in a much lighter, more durable product. Transportation, handling and installation of these corrugated polycarbonate panels are simple and result in overall reduced labour costs due to their durability and lightweight. 

LEXAPANEL™ Standing Seam System

LEXAPANEL standing seam sheet system gives architects and builders exceptional flexibility to create sustainable, transparent roof covers and other glazing elements. Compared with other vertical seam solutions, it provides customers with far more glazing options, including a custom width optimised to their load requirements and a choice of thickness, coating, colour, structure and type of connection. What’s more, the LEXAPANEL sheet delivers the strength, weatherability, clarity and thermal insulation of SABIC’s renowned LEXAN multiwall sheet.

LEXAPANEL™ Standing Seam System