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LEXAN™ Coated Films

From graphics and consumer electronics to automotive applications, SABIC offers high quality, engineered thermoplastic coated films across various industries. Our highly functional LEXAN™ films are used for automotive products, lighting applications, anti-fog lens products, ID cards, etc. Our unique high-performance film portfolio helps meet our customers’ ever-changing specification needs. It also helps OEMs reduce system costs, create innovative designs with better functionality and develop environmentally responsible materials.

Our LEXAN coated film portfolio is backed by advanced technical support and application development services worldwide. All our film products are RoHS and REACH certified.


High performance LEXAN coated films

Today’s growing number of film applications with specific and increasing functionality in high-tech electronics call for innovation. SABIC is dedicated to meeting these challenges by using its LEXAN™, ULTEM™, VALOX™, and NORYL™ resins, extrusion, surface texturing, and coating technologies to create highly functional film products.  

SABIC LEXAN coated films are both or one side hard-coated polycarbonate films offering excellent abrasion resistance for scratching optical clarity and excellent impact resistance. LEXAN coated films offer law warpage and weathering.

Coated films properties

SABIC LEXAN coated films offer unique solutions for anti-glare and antifog applications. These films resist harsh cleaners, chemicals, and UV and provide excellent clarity of graphics and light diffusion and ease of printing and die-cutting. 

These virtually unbreakable films are excellent candidates for touchscreens of smartphones and tablets, lenses for portable electronics, overlays, and keypads.

LEXAN coated films for digital printing applications prevent ink delamination in adhesive label applications. These films are one-sided primed and designed explicitly for increased digital UV ink adhesion, and are robust for permanent and temporary pressure-sensitive adhesives on the printed surface. They offer excellent clarity in all thicknesses, are high heat resistance, and create superior dimensional stability for digital printing applications.

Potential applications:

  • Flat membrane switch overlays for gas pumps and outdoor labels
  • Lenses for handheld devices and consumer electronics
  • Overlays and IMD faceplates for appliances and automotive interior applications
  • Anti-fog lenses for goggles, eyewear and freezer door films for supermarkets

SABIC also offers the following LEXAN™ films:

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