Motorcycle windshields

Motorcycle Windshields

SABIC’s translucent sheet portfolio for the transportation industry contains lightweight and high impact resistance products. For motorcycle windshields, SABIC offers LEXAN™ solid sheets with a formable hard coating, abrasion resistance and excellent weatherability. Our specialised products and services deliver manufacturing productivity to reduce total system costs and ensure reliable performance. They provide long-lasting durability for the motorcycle windscreens under demanding conditions and create enhanced aesthetics.


SABIC LEXAN for motorcycle windscreens

Motorcycle manufacturers are under increasing pressure to improve safety and environmental performance, while consumers demand unique and stylish features. Windshields are increasingly designed as spherical 3D shapes. At the same time, regulatory requirements for abrasion resistance and weatherability have grown more stringent. Many manufacturers choose LEXAN™ High Optical Quality sheets and coated MARGARD™ sheets with formable hard coating for windshield applications. These sheets are an excellent choice for motorcycle windshields.

SABIC products for motorcycle windshields

LEXAN™ High Optical Quality Sheet for motorcycle windscreens

SABIC offers High Optical Quality LEXAN™ Sheets  that provide high impact strength, lightweight, spall protection, and coating ability. Making them ideal for motorcycle windscreens. High optical quality LEXAN™ sheets meet the strictest standards for specks, bubbles, lints, fibers, distortion, and ripple.

SABIC has been a critical supplier to motorcycle manufacturers for many years. LEXAN™ offers the best optical quality materials for the glazing of forestry vehicles, high-speed trains, high-security facilities, bulletproof glass-PC laminates, and military and police vehicles. This makes it a perfect material for motorcycle windshields

LEXAN™ Coated MARGARD™ Sheet for motorcycle windscreens

SABIC’s lightweight coated LEXAN™ MARGARD™ sheet has a hard surface coating on one or both sides. These sheets offer optical clarity in combination with anti-fog behaviour and UV resistance. The sheet is also flame resistant and heat-stable. LEXAN™ MARGARD™ sheet is an excellent candidate for motorcycle windshields. The surface of the Coated MARGARD™ sheet offers exceptionally high impact resistance, minimising the risk of breakage, even when subjected to violent blows by heavy objects.

The unique, hard surface coating of the LEXAN™ MARGARD™ sheet also provides a high level of protection against unsightly scratching, which makes it an ideal material for motorcycle windshields. The LEXAN™ MARGARD™ sheet will also not shatter or splinter, reducing the risk of injury during a crash. The MARGARD™ sheet is highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals and has excellent weathering properties. The sheets also provide enhanced resistance to oil, paint, and other fluids, making them a perfect material to use for motorcycle windshields.


Motorcycle windshield
Motorcycle windshield
Motorcycle windscreen
Motor windscreen
Motor windshield