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SABIC offers polycarbonate materials under the LEXAN™ portfolio to versatile industries, including the sign and display industry. SABIC’s LEXAN™ sheets and film products offer solutions for solid and lasting indoor and outdoor signs and display plastics. These are some of the most challenging and versatile polycarbonate display plastics on the market.

Sign makers want displays that make a solid and lasting impression. SABIC’s LEXAN sheets and films are some of the most challenging and versatile polycarbonate materials on the market and an excellent choice for display plastics. The plastics are available in various colours and textures; they can be thermoformed, screen printed, or decorated with vinyl graphics to produce eye-catching sign applications. SABIC is an expert in the following parts of the display plastics industry:


Rigid and formed signs

SABIC offers LEXAN sheets for rigid & formed signs. When customers demand signs that promote a sleek, modern image, LEXAN sheets are excellent. The display material is 30 times stronger than acrylic and stands up to vandalism and the harshest outdoor conditions. Because it is strong enough to withstand the impact of hammers, baseballs and rocks, the display plastics can be built low to the ground for greater design freedom and visibility.

Products for rigid & formed signs

Floor & trade show graphics

SABIC’s LEXAN™ film display material for floor & trade show graphics is characterised by outstanding mechanical strength, consistent printability, and ease of processing. For the graphics industry, LEXAN display plastics deliver top-quality performance and unlimited versatility. LEXAN films are ideal for screen or offset printing, giving designers many possibilities for graphic effects and intricate designs. 

Products for floor & trade show graphics:

Point of purchase & label

SABIC’s LEXAN film and sheet materials for display plastics offer broad design flexibility and aesthetic appeal for point-of-purchase signs and labels. Display material can be designed with square corners, straight sides, narrow-width lines, and flat surfaces. Thanks to the display material's outstanding dimensional stability and flexibility, consistent high performance in embossed applications are also possible. 

Products for point of purchase & label:

Menu boards

For menu boards, SABIC’s LEXAN display plastics offer high-performance properties: high impact strength, easy formability, and long-lasting good looks. The display material offers unique value-added properties to meet your sign requirements.

Products for menu boards:

menu boards plastics