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Anti-Fog Films

SABIC LEXAN™ film is a high-quality, engineered thermoplastic film portfolio with applications across many industries. Compared to LEXAN sheets, LEXAN HP92AF anti-fog film is a one-side coated polycarbonate film. Anti-fog film shows a limited reduction in visibility even under high humidity environments. Employees in the healthcare, manufacturing and packing industries often use safety goggles and face shields for extended periods. They need complete visibility from their PPE to perform their tasks safely, even under high humidity environments.

SABIC’s anti-fog plastics offer abrasion resistance, impact resistance and excellent optical clarity. This means that the safety goggles, medical instrument lenses and face shields stay clear in high humidity environments even when sudden temperature changes occur. In high-humidity environments, the time-to-fog makes a difference. This product can ensure optical clarity over extended periods, allowing the users of face shields and other transparent safety equipment to concentrate on their jobs safely without being impaired by fog. 


SABIC’s LEXAN™ HP92AF anti-fog plastics offer:

  • Anti-fog: maintains clarity with no flashover (fogging)
  • High impact strength: virtually unbreakable and resistant to abrasion
  • Excellent optical clarity: light transmission >88% in all thickness

Anti-fog plastics

Anti-fog films are one-side coated to offer long-term anti-fog properties and optical quality, scratch resistance, impact resistance, and chemical resistance. Initially intended for medical face shields, these films can accept commercial ophthalmic dies even at ambient temperatures on the coated side. Featuring thinning in 3D forming applications of up to 50%, these films now find their way into IMD applications like anti-fog doors. 

Read more about our anti-fog film: Introducing New LEXAN HP92AF anti-fog film

Other benefits of the film

  • Ease of progressing: easy to die cut without debris
  • Chemical resistance: withstands repeated cleaning
  • Printable: for customized design and aesthetics

LEXAN HP92AF anti-fog film has proven its excellent optical performance in several pilot applications for healthcare facilities and meatpacking plants where high humidity and temperature fluctuations can occur, especially in transition zones between controlled and uncontrolled work climates. SABIC’s new anti-fog film product shows excellent die-cutting and printability. The plastic is thermoformable and withstands repeated cleaning with lukewarm water, mild soap solutions, or common glass cleaners.


  • Safety- and ski goggles
  • PPE clear face shields in high humidity environments
  • Motorcycle visor
  • Anti-fog doors
  • Automotive cluster lenses
  • Medical instrument lenses & displays
  • Industrial lenses
Anti-fog plastics
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