Transparent plastics

Transparent Plastics

SABIC offers high-quality transparent plastics. These plastics are engineered sheet and film products across various industries, ranging from building and construction, consumer electronics, to safety and security glazing and aircraft and rail in- and exteriors. Our LEXAN™ polycarbonate transparent plastics are backed by advanced technical support and application development services worldwide to meet our customers' global specification needs with local supply. 


SABIC LEXAN™ transparent UV protected plastics

SABIC’s LEXAN unbreakable, UV protected plastics provide remarkable clarity and have excellent weathering properties. Our high optical quality LEXAN solid sheets combine clear transparency with value-added performance. Our solid sheets feature outstanding low ripple and distortion and have few visual defects. Even after many years of intense sunlight and weather extremes, they provide remarkable clarity.


SABIC’s LEXAN EXTRITE™ sheet, a transparent plastic polycarbonate solid sheet, has UV protection on both sides, offering excellent weathering properties. With its extraordinary impact and scratch resistance, it is a perfect candidate for various applications.

The material fulfils a demand for areas where abrasion, scratch resistance, and weathering are essential to the new protective layer. The intrinsic properties of LEXAN polycarbonate transparent plastics combined with a one-side protective layer improve abrasion and high scratch, chemical, and UV resistance. Another critical benefit of EXTRITE transparent plastic is the high impact strength (up to 250 times stronger than glass). The transparent plastics are thermoformable, with transparency up to 87 – 90%.

The transparent plastics are suitable for the following applications:

  • Ski Gondolas
  • Advertisement Pillars
  • Soundwalls / Noise Barriers / Acoustic Screens
  • Street Furniture like Bus Shelters
  • Machine Guards
  • Internal/external Separation Wall
  • Carports
  • Police Wear
  • Public Transportation

LEXAN™ solar control sheet

Transparent LEXAN solar control IR sheet for heat-management glazing blocks near-infrared heat but lets in high light levels. Proprietary resin additives manage the heat rather than expensive and fragile coatings. This makes the solar control properties permanent. The sheets are UV-protected on both sides, which helps installers reduce losses caused by installation errors.

Transparent plastics - certified renewable feedstock

SABIC is the first to provide customers with extruded ISCC-certified polycarbonate LEXAN transparent plastics based on second-generation renewable feedstock. Part of our growing engineering thermoplastics’ (ETP) sustainability portfolio, SABIC offers LEXAN polycarbonate resin and its blend, produced from certified renewable feedstock. The material has a lower carbon footprint in comparison to fossil-based alternatives.

SABIC’s certified renewable transparent plastics are made with high specifications and properties as virgin products and are an easy drop-in solution to current production processes. A broad range of LEXAN products is available as certified renewable products. LEXAN products come with the same commitment to quality that you expect from SABIC, a world leader in polycarbonate resin manufacturing for over 50 years.