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Aircraft Interiors Thermoplastic LEXAN™ sheet portfolio for aircraft interiors provide lightweight and exceptional FST performance.

SABIC’s high performance thermoplastic material solutions can help aerospace customers meet the critical challenges of weight-out, regulatory compliance, sustainability and improved flying experience. These innovative products, together with the company’s advanced material technologies can help global aircraft OEMs reduce weight significantly which may conserve fuel and lower emissions; meet tough flame-smoke-toxicity (FST) regulations; reduce overall system costs; and enhance safety and comfort of the cabin environment.

SABIC has been an important part of the Aircraft Interior industry since our company's founding, providing advanced materials and processing capabilities that enable ever greater design freedom and weight reduction, higher resistance to impact and chemicals, improved heat performance, more stringent flame retardancy, enhanced smoke and toxicity properties, lower cabin noise and overall performance.

We invite designers and OEMs to move their best ideas forward with the new materials at their disposal: materials that combine precise performance qualities with improved processability and uncompromised compliance. Together we can redefine the limits of performance, safety and compliance, helping to shape the solutions for the aircraft interiors industry. 

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Products for Aircraft Interiors

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