aircraft interior plastics

Aircraft Interior Plastics

Thermoplastic LEXAN™ sheet portfolio for aircraft interior plastics provides lightweight and exceptional FST (fire, smoke and toxicity) performance. SABIC’s aircraft interior plastics can help aerospace customers meet the critical challenges of weight-out, regulatory compliance, sustainability and improved flying experience. These innovative aircraft interior plastics, together with the company’s advanced material technologies, can help global aircraft OEMs (original equipment manufacturers):

  • Reduce weight significantly which may conserve fuel and lower emissions;
  • Meet tough FST regulations;
  • Reduce overall system costs;
  • Enhance the safety and comfort of the cabin environment.


Aviation plastics

SABIC has been an important part of the aircraft interior plastics industry since our company's founding, providing advanced aviation plastics and processing capabilities that:

  • Enable greater design freedom and weight reduction;
  • Higher resistance to impact and chemicals;
  • Improved heat performance, more stringent flame retardancy;
  • Enhanced smoke and toxicity properties;
  • Lower cabin noise and overall performance.

We invite designers and OEMs to move their best ideas forward with the new materials at their disposal: aviation plastics that combine precise performance qualities with improved processability and uncompromised compliance. Together we can redefine the limits of performance, safety and compliance, helping to shape the solutions for the aircraft interior plastics industry. 

You can find more information about aircraft interior plastics under the industry brochures:

Aircraft interior plastics

LEXAN™ Solid Sheet – Flame Retardant

LEXAN™ sheet portfolio offers transparent and opaque sheets that combine formability with excellent flame-retardant properties. LEXAN™ Solid sheet meet the flammability requirements of the European building and construction market. Can be used for interior applications in various vehicles, ranging from train seating to aircraft wall panels and speciality vehicle cladding. This makes it an excellent candidate for aircraft interior plastics. 

LEXAN™ Solid Sheet – Flame, Smoke, Toxicity Compliant

With its ongoing commitment to the aircraft interior sector, SABIC offers a range of high-performance products that help aircraft OEMs reduce interior weight, conserve fuel and lower emissions LEXAN™ flame, smoke & toxicity sheets fully comply with aircraft interior flame-smoke-toxicity and aircraft manufacturer’s toxicity requirements and railway interior EN 45545 standard regulations. The aircraft’s interior plastics also enhance the cabin environment's aesthetics, safety, and comfort.

LEXAN™ LIGHT F6L300 sheet

SABIC’s new high-performance patent pending LEXAN™ LIGHT F6L300 sheet is the lightest thermoplastic sheet option available today, regardless of base material that complies with flame, smoke and OEM toxicity. It offers up to 40% weight savings when replacing traditional polyvinyl chloride and acrylic blend (PVC/PMMA). The aircraft interior plastics are available for potential applications such as seating parts, cockpit dashboard enclosures, partitions, luggage compartments and passenger service units. The aviation plastics meet typical industry flame, smoke density and toxicity requirements. 

LEXAN™ sheets for aircraft windows

LEXAN™ XHR5000 sheet, utilising a new copolymer formulation for added opacity, was designed for multi-layer aircraft window shade systems requiring advanced flame-smoke-toxicity (FST) properties and high opacity. These aircraft windows help improve comfort in the cabin environment with a high-quality appearance and enhanced room darkening properties. Supplied as a white pigmented cap layer over a black base, the aircraft windows are engineered as a robust yet lightweight substrate to be laminated with decorative films and then thermoformed.

LEXAN™ LIGHT potential applications for aviation plastics

  • Seatbacks
  • Kick panels
  • Side panels
  • Seat trims
  • Magazine holders
  • Cockpit dashboard enclosures and components
  • Partitions
  • Luggage compartments
  • Passenger service units

Besides aviation plastics, SABIC offers sheets for the following applications in the transportation industry: