aircraft interior plastics

Aircraft Interior Plastics

Thermoplastic LEXAN™ sheet portfolio for aircraft interior plastics provides lightweight and exceptional FST (fire, smoke and toxicity) performance. SABIC’s aircraft interior plastics can help aerospace customers meet the critical challenges of weight-out, regulatory compliance, sustainability and improved flying experience. These innovative plastics, together with the company’s advanced material technologies, can help global aircraft OEMs (original equipment manufacturers):

  • Reduce weight significantly which may conserve fuel and lower emissions;
  • Meet tough FST regulations;
  • Reduce overall system costs;
  • Enhance the safety and comfort of the cabin environment.


LEXAN™ sheets for aircraft windows

LEXAN XHR5000 sheet, utilising a new copolymer formulation for added opacity, was designed for multi-layer aircraft window shade systems requiring advanced flame-smoke-toxicity (FST) properties and high opacity. These aircraft windows help improve comfort in the cabin environment with a high-quality appearance and enhanced room darkening properties. Supplied as a white pigmented cap layer over a black base, the aircraft windows are engineered as a robust yet lightweight substrate to be laminated with decorative films and then thermoformed.

LEXAN™ LIGHT potential applications for aviation plastics

  • Seatbacks
  • Kick panels
  • Side panels
  • Seat trims
  • Magazine holders
  • Cockpit dashboard enclosures and components
  • Partitions
  • Luggage compartments
  • Passenger service units

Besides aviation plastics, SABIC offers sheets for the following applications in the transportation industry:

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