LEXAN™ Sheet


SABIC offers versatile polycarbonate sheets in the LEXAN™ Sheet & Film product portfolio: Choose from various sheets to realize any modern industrial or residential project.

Made with high-performance resins, SABIC’s polycarbonate sheets are flexible and durable, used extensively for engineering and optical applications worldwide.

Widely considered the highest quality and safest glass substitute, our sheet materials ensure visual clarity, maximum light transmission, and security in an elegant aesthetic.


LEXAN™ Sheet Applications

Benefits of Polycarbonate Sheets

Ongoing research and development ensure that all polycarbonate sheets in the LEXAN™ Sheet product portfolio are technologically advanced, impact resistant, and modernized to keep up with customers’ changing needs and project specifications.

250 times stronger than glass, our sheets and films offer crystal clear transparency and, unlike other plastics, are designed to withstand high temperatures, winds and other extreme weather.

Polycarbonate sheet materials are lightweight and easy to install, excellent for greenhouses, roofs, sports arenas, verandas, facades, and much more.

LEXAN™ Sheets 

Solid Polycarbonate Sheets 

High-performance Solid Sheets also feature low ripple and distortion. Choose from transparent or opal white color, with UV protection on one or both sides for optimal visual clarity and protection even after years of sun exposure. 

  • technologically advanced
  • impact resistant
  • lightweight
  • flexible
  • easy to install
  • low ripple/distortion
  • UV protection

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet products are available in the following options:

Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets  

Corrugated Sheets deliver maximum light transmission, high-impact resistance, and weatherability – an excellent choice for protecting glass windows and doors from severe weather.

Use in carports, pool coverings, patios, or anywhere you need a glass substitute that is lightweight yet durable and safe. Ease of handling, transport and installation provides additional cost benefits.

Corrugated sheets are available as:

THERMOCLEAR™ Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

THERMOCLEAR™ Multiwall Sheets are part of the SABIC’s Sheet System, and can be customized according to structure, finish, color, and layer.

Offering the perfect balance between flexibility and durability, multiwall sheets are easy to install and provide superior thermal installation, flame resistance, and long-term light transmission. 

THERMOCLEAR™ multiwall sheets are available in the following options:

In addition to sheets, the LEXAN™ portfolio includes a variety of films for various applications and industries.