LEXAN™ products


What is LEXAN™? 

LEXAN™ is SABIC's proprietary Polycarbonate (PC) sheets and films. Polycarbonate is an amorphous, thermoplastic transparent polymer known for its patented, high-performance resins and outstanding physical properties such as optical purity and impact resistance.

Often used as a synonym for top-quality polycarbonate, our sheets and films are widely used in modern engineering and optics applications, making it one of the world’s most valued glass substitutes.

In addition to superior visual and material properties, our sheets are up to 250 times stronger than glass of the same thickness. And unlike other plastics, polycarbonate sheets and films are incredibly lightweight and withstand high temperatures and extreme weather.

As an essential material for creating countless modern products, the LEXAN™ product portfolio enjoys ongoing support from advanced development and technical services around the globe to ensure its continued success.


The LEXAN™ Film product portfolio reflects SABIC’s reputation as a leader in thermoplastic polyc ...

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LEXAN™ Solid Sheet

Based on high-performance LEXAN™ resin which is a polycarbonate (PC) material. SABIC’s engineeri ...

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LEXAN™ Corrugated Sheet

LEXAN™ Corrugated Sheet delivers excellent light transmission, high impact resistance and weathera ...

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SABIC’s polycarbonate (PC) multiwall materials called LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ sheet portfolio offe ...

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LEXAN™ Building Systems

LEXAN™ Building Systems provide creative glazing solutions for commercial and residential roofing ...

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PLASTECH™ (PC) Sheet - China Regional Brand

PLASTECH™ Multiwall & Solid Polycarbonate (PC) Sheet are unique engineering thermoplastics pro ...

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LEXAN™ Polycarbonate Products

Solid Sheets

Virtually unbreakable and visually superior,  Solid Sheets combine crystal-clear transparency with value-added performance such as low ripple and distortion.

Choose from transparent or opal white with UV protection on one or both sides for optimal clarity even after years of exposure to sunlight. 

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Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated Sheets offer maximum light transmission, high-impact resistance and weatherability, plus the same optical characteristics of glass in a lighter, stronger material. This lightweight yet durable sheet makes transportation, handling, and installation a breeze, reducing labour costs.

Ideal for greenhouses, carport roofing, storm panels, patios, pool coverings, or anywhere a lightweight, protective solution is required.

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THERMOCLEAR™ Multiwall Sheets 

Durable, affordable, and low-maintenance, THERMOCLEAR™ Multiwall Sheets are perfect for industrial, commercial and residential glazing applications.

Fully customized in a variety of structures, coatings, colors, and finishes, these multiwall sheet products can be easily cut and cold-formed on-site for both primary glazing and overglazing projects.

Choose from opal white, solar-control green, bronze, or clear colors, and a Dripgard option, which coats the inner surface to prevent condensation build-up. 

·        lightweight with high stiffness

·        easy installation

·        high thermal insulation

·        UV- and flame-resistant

·        maximum light transmission

·        Dripgard coating

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PLASTECH™ (PC) Sheets – China regional brand

Choose PLASTECH™ Multiwall & Solid Polycarbonate Sheet products for optimal daylighting, low maintenance, and cost savings. These multiwall and solid sheets are ideal for building, construction and engineering applications.

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Polycarbonate Films

High-quality and multi-functional thermoplastic films with applications such as automotive, lighting, electronics, documentation, and much more.

A unique, high-performance material adapts to ever-changing production specifications, reducing system costs and aiding in the creation of innovative designs with higher functionality and sustainability.

All polycarbonate Film products are RoHS, REACH and UL certified.

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Building Systems

For commercial and residential roofing, glazing, and facades, Building Systems offer lightweight, impact resistant, and UV- and weather resistant solutions.

Along with excellent thermal insulation properties, these systems are designed for fast and easy on-site installation and maintenance, and provide increased design freedom compared to heavy, brittle glass applications.

From commercial greenhouses to industrial buildings, sports stadiums, private homes and office buildings, LEXAN polycarbonate sheets and films are a first choice for beautiful, functional, and sustainable living.

Available in a variety of colors, textures, and effects to meet custom requirements.

·        energy savings

·        insulative performance

·        natural light diffusion

·        enhanced aesthetics

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Certified Renewable Feedstock

The first to provide manufactures with extruded ISCC-certified polycarbonate, SABIC’s fillm and sheet products are sourced from second-generation certified renewable feedstock as part of its growing engineering thermoplastics (ETP) sustainability portfolio including our polycarbonate Products.

SABIC’s renewable materials meet the same quality standards and specifications as its virgin products but offer a lower carbon footprint compared to fossil-based alternatives.

Many polycarbonate products in the LEXAN™ product portfolio are certified renewables, making them an easy drop-in solution to current production processes. 

Applications and Industries for Polycarbonate Sheets and Films

·        Building and Construction

·        Safety and Security

·        Transportation

·        Electrical and Electronics

·        Signage and Display