Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

General-Purpose Multiwall Sheet

SABIC now offers multiwall sheet products in its patented LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ Sheet portfolio, a particular blend of clear resins that make these multiwall polycarbonate sheets impact resistant and able to withstand extreme weather conditions, high temperatures and humidly.

THERMOCLEAR multiwall sheets can be cut and cold-formed on-site for maximum flexibility, and fully customized according to structure, layer, color, and finish for limitless design options in industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Perfect for new glazing and overglazing applications, LEXAN THERMOCLEAR multiwall sheet is also a top choice for separation and partition projects in the hospitality sector, salons and spas, fitness centres, waiting rooms, office spaces, and more.


Benefits of LEXAN™ Multiwall Sheets

LEXAN THERMOCLEAR multiwall sheets reflect the superior visual quality and specialised physical properties of all products in the LEXAN polycarbonate portfolio, making it the first choice for demanding applications meant to stand the test of time. 

These multiwall polycarbonate sheet products are strong yet lightweight, malleable, and easy to install on-site. They are also condensation and impact resistant and provide high-spectrum light transmission.

THERMOCLEAR multiwall sheets provide outstanding thermal insulation and come with extra UV protection on one or both sides.

Choose from a wide range of structures, finishes, and colors such as opal white, bronze, solar control green, metallic or transparent.

·        lightweight & flexible

·        high stiffness & strength

·        condensation & UV protected

·        long-term light transmission

·        easy installation

·        weatherability

LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet Options

Plus Sheet

Double sided UV protection, broad design flexibility, and essential advantages in both cutting and installation.  

Dripgard Sheet

A specially developed coating on the inner surface reduces the formation of condensation droplets. A top choice for roof glazing applications in which water droplets are a hazard, such as commercial greenhouses, or where they can cause crop spoilage and loss of light transmission.

Learn more about these speciality Sheets

-        High Insulation

-        Solar Control

-        Ultra-stiff

Polycarbonate Sheet Applications

·        Residential flat and curved glazing

·        Roof glazing

·        Building facades and claddings

·        Greenhouse roofing

·        Skylights

·        Walkways


Polycarbonate Sheet Applications
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