LEXAN™ Building Systems

LEXAN™ Building Systems provide creative glazing solutions for commercial and residential roofing and facades. Characterized by lightweight, high impact resistance, UV resistance and weather resistance along with excellent thermal insulation properties, each product is designed to provide easy and fast on-site installation and maintenance. Glass, because of its heavy weight and brittle nature, has limited design versatility. In contrast, LEXAN sheet products help increase design freedom. LEXAN building systems for roof and façades are available in variety of colors, textures and special effects to meet your aesthetic requirements. These products serve to enhance building aesthetics while offering energy savings through their high insulative performance and excellent natural light diffusion, making them an excellent choice for attractive and highly functional buildings. Versatile, lightweight LEXAN systems from SABIC perform well in a range of climates and weather conditions. From commercial greenhouses to industrial buildings, sports stadiums, private homes and office buildings, LEXAN building systems offer innovative glazing solutions for residential, industrial and commercial applications. 

STADECK™ Heavy-Duty Panels

STADECK™ SC552RS85 is a new heavy heavy-duty panel developed by SABIC for specifically the Buildin ...

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LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ Sheet for Façade Systems

LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ Sheet system products are mainly used in profile-free facade applications. T ...

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