Safety glazing products

LEXAN™ Safety Glazing

SABIC offers LEXAN™ sheet products for high-safety glazing. High-optical quality, virtually unbreakable LEXAN sheets are excellent candidates for bulletproof laminates, anti-burglary and anti-vandal glazing. The impact-resistant glazing and bullet-resistant glazing can help protect premises and property and eliminate re-glazing costs. 


What is LEXAN™ high-security glazing?

High-security glazing products are glazing products, like glass windows, that meet specific building codes. Safety glass is protective glass with additional safety features. The glass is reinforced to resist or mitigate damage and poses less danger when it breaks. This makes the protective glass a perfect candidate for safety glazing. SAIC has different sheets for safety and high-security glazing.

Safety glazing sheets don’t shatter or splinter, significantly reducing the risk of accidental injury in applications like internal partitions and doors. The security glazing is ideal for safety screening in sports stadiums and other outdoor applications, like acoustic screens for insulation from traffic noise in built-up areas.

Products for safety glazing

LEXAN™ Solid Sheet – Standard

Based on high-performance LEXAN™ resin, SABIC’s LEXAN Solid Standard Sheet products offer excellent clarity with attractive aesthetic properties and high impact strength. They are also easy to design and form. LEXAN standard sheet products combine excellent impact performance and stiffness with thermoforming or cold forming ease. They offer a consistent, high-quality surface and cost-effective part differentiation through wide colour availability. 

LEXAN™ Solid Sheet - High Optical Quality 

SABIC offers high optical quality LEXAN Sheet products provide high-impact strength, are lightweight, have spall protection and coating ability for safety glazing. High optical quality LEXAN sheets meet the toughest standards regarding specks, bubbles, lints and fibers, distortion and ripple. That’s why SABIC has been a key supplier of security glazing to the optical and lamination industries for many years.

LEXAN™ Solid Sheet - UV Protected

SABIC’s transparent LEXAN sheets come with UV, provide remarkable clarity, and have excellent weathering properties. This makes them an ideal candidate for security glazing. This polycarbonate safety glazing has UV protection on both sides and provides remarkable clarity - even after many years of intense sunlight and weather extremes. 

LEXAN™ Solid Sheet - Solar Control Sheet

SABIC’s LEXAN Solar Control Sheet products are virtually unbreakable with UV protection on both sides. This impact-resistant glazing provides easy installation and forming. LEXAN Solar Control sheet for heat-management glazing blocks out heat but lets in high light levels. Proprietary resin additives manage the heat rather than expensive and fragile coatings. This makes the solar control properties virtually permanent and perfect for security glazing.

LEXAN™ MARGARD™ Coated Sheet

Virtually unbreakable LEXAN™ MARGARD™ sheet materials are an excellent choice in areas with vandalism risk. These anti-vandal glazing can help prevent burglars from breaking in, delaying where they give up or are detected. This high-security glazing protects premises and property and eliminates re-glazing costs. They also allow frequent cleaning or damage-free removal of graffiti.

Other applications within the safety and security industry:

LEXAN™ MARGARD™ Coated Sheet