Elevating Outdoor Living Environments

Elevating Outdoor Living Environments

As we adapt to climate change and sharpen our awareness for health and well-being, the creation of indoor environments connecting us with the nature around our buildings is considered one of the most topical trends in Building and Construction (B&C)*. The following blog highlights the attractive opportunities provided by LEXAN™ sheet products for extending the quality and convenience of indoor life to the world outside, including a wide range of after-market applications for:

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Outdoor Living Spaces

  by Eric Gervais - Senior Architectural Business Development at SABIC Functional Forms | EMEA| 09-03-2024

There is a growing demand for B&C solutions targeted at integrating indoor and outdoor architecture to promote people’s sociability, recreation and connection with nature as we adapt to climate change. Many of these designs involve larger glazed structures. Some are characterized by deliberately breaking up the visible boundaries of solid brick walls. Others are added over time and often require material solutions for ease of handling in DIY installations.


SABIC Functional Forms offers a broad portfolio of LEXAN solid sheet and LEXAN THERMOCLEAR™ multiwall sheet products engineered to facilitate the creation and implementation of outdoor living spaces with exceptional design freedom and cost efficient formability to complex shapes. Their light weight saves time and work during installation. They can easily be cold-bent, cut and drilled on site, and their superior impact strength makes them virtually unbreakable. In addition, they show excellent flame resistance and ensure long-term weatherability with a proprietary UV protection on both sides.


Typical applications in the outdoor living environment of private homes include carports and sheds, verandas, canopies, sun and garden rooms, gazebos, conservatories and greenhouses as well as pool enclosures, open-air kitchens and barbecue areas. For public spaces requiring a balanced ambience of natural daylight and shading, such as with canopies and awnings over school patios or playgrounds, LEXAN sheet is also available in special solar control grades with incorporated IR resistance and in a wide range of translucent colors.

Thanks to their outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, high clarity, ease of installation and sustainable longevity, LEXAN sheet products provide both the aesthetics and the performance for a more seamless and sociable integration of glazed outdoor installations in our living spaces.

Written by:

Eric Gervais (Eric.Gervais@sabic.com)

Senior Architectural Business Development at SABIC Functional Forms | EMEA 

09- March - 2024



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