Greenhouse plastic roofing

LEXAN™ Greenhouses - Plastic Roofing

SABIC offers versatile polycarbonate materials under the LEXAN™ sheet portfolio for the building and construction industries, such as greenhouse plastic roofing. Architects and builders are looking for innovative solutions to satisfy public demand for environmentally responsible structures, meet current and upcoming regulatory requirements and achieve recognition through programs such as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building certification system.  

LEXAN products are lightweight, easy to install and energy-conscious, making them an excellent choice for various structures and applications. LEXAN sheet solutions, such as greenhouse plastic roofing, enable customers to tap into the sustainable building market and help them save installation and energy costs. They can contribute to LEED certification by providing natural light, optimising energy performance, and utilising recycled content. We have created an online publication for architects and designers that shows the versatility of LEXAN sheets in many buildings: from roof lights and greenhouse plastic roofing to entire sports stadiums. 


Greenhouse plastic roofing

In commercial greenhouses worldwide, LEXAN sheets provide rigid, lightweight glazing that resists UV degradation, hails and storms and offer long-term light transmission and good flame retardance. Specially designed grades have a unique coating on the inner surface. This coating prevents condensation build-up, which can cause crop spoilage, whilst maintaining excellent light transmission for greenhouse plastic roofing.

Plastics for greenhouse plastic roofing

LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ Sheet – General Purpose Multiwall

High optical quality multiwall LEXAN THERMOCLEAR™ sheet products with highly specialised properties are often a top choice for your most demanding, long-lasting applications like greenhouses. SABIC’s multiwall polycarbonate material, under the LEXAN THERMOCLEAR™ portfolio, offers many structures, colours, and finishes. This LEXAN THERMOCLEAR™ multiwall polycarbonate sheeting provides:

  • Outstanding balance of lightweight
  • High stiffness
  • Ease of installation
  • Condensation resistance
  • Long-term light transmission
  • Remarkable impact strength

Due to the multiwall construction, the sheets have outstanding thermal insulation properties and are available with 1 or 2 sides of UV protection. This makes it an excellent candidate for greenhouse roofing.

LEXAN™ Corrugated Sheet – General Purpose and Dripgard

SABIC's LEXAN Corrugated sheet offers excellent clarity, weathering performance, and high impact resistance for hail damage protection. The sheets have excellent light transmission and UV protection and are quick and easy to install. LEXAN Corrugated sheets are available in the standard colours for greenhouses: clear, clear textured, opal white, opaque white and are also available with dripgard coating, which is a special drip control coating that prevents loss of light transmission caused by condensation—making this plastic a perfect fit for greenhouses. Dripgard also prevents water droplet formation, which can cause plant diseases and spoilage.

SABIC offers besides materials for greenhouse roofing, sheets for other applications: 

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