LEXAN Corrugated Sheet

LEXAN™ Corrugated Sheet

LEXAN™ Corrugated Sheet delivers excellent light transmission, high impact resistance and weatherability. This makes it an outstanding choice for greenhouses, carport roofing, patios and pool coverings, or anywhere else where a lightweight solution with excellent light transmission is required. LEXAN corrugated sheets offer the optical characteristics of glass in a much lighter, more durable product. Transportation, handling and installation of these corrugated polycarbonate panels is simple and results in overall reduced labor costs due to its durability and lightweight. And specialty corrugated storm panels protect glass windows and doors during severe weather conditions.  

General Purpose and Dripgard Corrugated Sheet

These products offer excellent clarity, weathering performance, and high impact strength. LEXAN™ C ...

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Heat and Light Management

Lexan™ Corrugated sheet utilizes advanced polymer technology to bring extra functionality to custo ...

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