Introducing New lexan™ hp92AF anti-fog film

When seeing clearly matters most

Employees in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Meat Packing Industries are using safety goggles and face shields more than ever and for longer periods of time during a typical workday. They need full visibility from their PPE to perform their tasks safely even under high humidity environments. SABIC’s LEXAN™ HP92AF Anti-fog film offers anti-fog, impact resistance and excellent optical clarity. This means that safety goggles, medical instrument lenses and face shields stay clear in high humidity environments even when sudden changes in temperature occur. The masking is of the cling type on the uncoated side and of the stick type on the coated side.

Get to know more about our New lexan™ hp92AF anti-fog film

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Get to know more about our New lexan hp92AF anti-fog film


Maintains clarity with no flashover (fogging)

Excellent optical clarity

Excellent optical clarity

Light Transmission >88% in all thickness

High impact strength

High impact strength

Virtually unbreakable and resistant to abrasion


  • No fogging for extended period of time
  • Multiple gauge films from 7-30 mil (175 – 750 micron)
  • Abrasion resistance, Taber Haze < 20%
  • Chemical resistance against Windex and IPA
  • Embossible; 2-4 percent elongation
  • Can be cleaned with Windex, IPA (50%) or with lukewarm water and soap.

High impact strength

Put LEXAN™ Sheet to the test, a variation of impact tests with a sledgehammer and drop ball compared to traditional Acrylic Sheet and Standard Safety Glazing. Virtually unbreakable LEXAN™ Polycarbonate sheet with its excellent impact resistance and high optical quality.

Cleaning Performance

HOW TO CLEAN LEXAN™ POLYCARBONATE SHEET - To ensure that a LEXAN™ polycarbonate sheet remains in good condition, periodic cleaning using correct procedures can help to prolong service life.

Typical property values

Astm (ISO) test method
Units USCS (SI)


Tensile Strength
@ Yield
ASTM D882 (ISO 527)
psi (MPa)
8800 (60)
ASTM D882 (ISO 527)
psi (MPa)
9000 (62)
Tear Strength
ASTM D1004
lb/mil (kN/m)
1.51 (264)
ASTM D1922
g/mil (kN/m)
40 (14)


Vicat Softening Temperature, B
ASTM 1525
ºF (ºC)
320 (160)
Heat Deflection Temp. by TMA at 1.8 Mpa
ISO 75 Modified
ºF (ºC)
290 (145)
Shrinkage at 302°F (150°C)
ASTM D1204


Anti-fog Properties
Exposure to 50C Water
Time to Fog
No flash over
ASTM D792 (ISO 1183)
2.3 (1200)
% Thinning
Pencil Hardness (coated surface)
ASTM D3363
Taber Abrasion
ASTM D1044
delta Haze


Refractive Index @77ºF (25ºC)
Light Transmission
ASTM D1003
Yellowness Index
ASTM D1925
ASTM D1003


How can we tell which side is “ANTI-FOG”?

The "anti-fog" side of the film has a clear stick masking. The "uncoated" or "non-anti-fog" side has a frosty cling masking. It is also easy to tell if you breathe into the film. The anti-fog side will not show any fogging.

Can we order custom width and gauges?

The master rolls are only available in 48” nominal width. The product is available in gauges ranging 7mil to 30mil (175 – 750 micron). Our distribution partners can slit or sheet to custom widths.

What is the moq for the film?

MOQ for this film is 2 rolls. We will be flexible and sell 1 roll during the initial product development.

Is the film printable on both sides?

Non anti-fog side is printable.

Although the surface is print receptive, please test the anti-fog side for the specific print application first if the intent is to print on the anti-fog side.

Can the film be die-cut?

LEXAN™ HP92AF film can be easily die cut. If you want to use other methods, please contact SABIC Technical Support.

Convinced by the power of New lexan™ hp92AF anti-fog film

Ask for a sample and experience it yourself.

Convinced by the power of New lexan hp92AF anti-fog film